Wild Dogs Are Made Dizzy by Annoying Bird

This Hamerkop was not willing to give up its watering hole to a group of wild dog pups, so it just kept annoying them in an attempt to win its waterhole back.

Nic Nel, a professional ranger at MalaMala Private Game Reserve, captured this very cute interaction. He shared the adorable video and story with LatestSightings.com.

All media by MalaMala

“We had been following this pack of wild dogs as they were hunting through the early morning hours. But as soon as the heat started picking up, the wild dogs decided to find some shade and coolness close to a small mud wallow. However, this mud wallow was already occupied; a hamerkop bird was fishing for frogs and whatever it could get its beak on.”

“The adults had a quick drink and immediately went to lay in the shade. But the little pups had different ideas and wanted to play in the water. It was more mud than water, really, but that did not seem to bother them.”

“The hamerkop, who was trying so hard to be still and catch a frog off guard, now had no chance with all this playful commotion. So, that’s when the hamerkop decided that it was going to get its revenge on these young puppies. He was going to make a fool out of all of them by playing a game of chase with them!”

“The pups would stalk the hamerkop, getting low, and then just jump up and run at the bird. Using all their energy, the hamerkop would just casually lift off and fly a few meters This happened until the hamerkop realized it could run circles around the wild dogs!”

“And so, the hamerkop, instead of just flying in one direction, began circling the mud wallow. It seemed as if though the dogs enjoyed this game of chase. This lasted until they got dizzy from all the running in circles. It was just the most comical scene: three wild dogs all chasing a small bird around a mud wallow.”