Why You Should Give a Lion Couple Their Privacy

After showing some interesting behavior, a big male lion became unhappy with the nearby tourists who were watching him. So, he charged right at them!

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Hayley Myburgh, a well-known Nature Guide in Kruger, filmed this incredible interaction and shared it with Latest Sightings.

“A call came in: mating lions on the road, and it wasn’t far from our location, just on the H4-2. We arrived, and everything seemed tranquil. Little did we know, there would be nothing ordinary about this sighting.”

“The lioness was beautiful, with a serene presence. However, the growls and moans from the male quickly grabbed my attention. He wasn’t hard to identify and true to his nature, it was ‘Mr. Grumpy,’ one of the S21 males, notorious for his short temper.”

“The female moved closer to a white car on the road, with Mr. Grumpy predictably following her every step. It was amazing to see them mating right there, but that was all overshadowed by what happened next…”

“The S21 male’s attention shifted to the white car, and after a furious roar, he charged right at the unsuspecting vehicle! My heart was pounding, I saw the person’s face widen with terror, and with good reason… Thank goodness their windows were up.”

Mr. Grumpy went at the car twice, growling and lunging toward it. You can really get a sense of just how big these cats are when you see how small the lion makes the car look.

The lion eventually calmed, and the car moved off shortly after to give the couple some privacy. This was an incredible encounter that left everyone speechless.