The Best Safari Experience in Only 2 Hours

This unexpected 2-hour safari turned into a dream safari with hunting lions, mating leopards, and black rhinos!

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25-year-old Mohammed Kathrada, a safari guide with a keen eye for wildlife, had this experience during a spontaneous trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa. He shared his photos, videos, and story with

All media by Mohammed Kathrada

“Having finished a quick business meeting near Malelane Gate of the Kruger National Park, my wife and I decided to take a short drive through the park to unwind. Little did we know, this would turn out to be one of the most incredible afternoons we’ve ever spent in the park!”

“Just a kilometer from the gate, we were greeted by four lions lazily basking in the afternoon sun. The sight was pretty average, but what awaited us at Matjulu Bridge was even more thrilling. A pride of lions was right on the road, and they were on the hunt! They were all so focused as they stalked a family of warthogs.

We were on edge as the pride were now within striking distance from the warthogs! But just then, a youngster, out of pride in his eagerness, disrupted the hunt, leaving the pride with empty bellies. The entire chase unfolded right on the H3 tar road in clear view.”

The adventure didn’t end there. “After getting our blood pumping with adrenaline, we decided to head towards Berg En Dal for some snacks, and just like that, out of nowhere, we stumbled upon two black rhinos strolling casually. Spotting them is so rare, I would go as far as saying you have a better chance of seeing a pangolin on some days.”

“But the day’s surprises weren’t over yet. Near the S110 tar, hidden in the Magic Guarry bushes, was a leopard. We were unable to see it, so we decided to park off with a clear view in the hope that we might catch a glimpse of the leopard if it moved. Just as we had predicted, within minutes, a leopard appeared and sat just two meters from our car. But something was off; the other vehicles seemed to stay in their original places.”

Could there be a second leopard here, and they didn’t know about it? Well, it didn’t take them long to start up their vehicles and move towards us. We were on edge; was it another male that was going to come charging in for a territorial fight? But no, it was quite the opposite. A female leopard appeared, charming and flirting with the male. Right there, we witnessed both of our first mating leopards. It was an extraordinary moment that just felt surreal at the time.”

“In just two hours and under 20 kilometers of driving, we experienced everything from lions on a hunt to leopards mating and black rhinos marking their territory. It was, without a doubt, the best drive I’ve ever had on a safari, a testament to the unpredictability and wonder of the wild.”