Sweetest Reunion Between Bushbaby Mother and Baby

This newborn bush baby fell out of its home and had no hope of survival until his mother arrived and came to his rescue.

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Petunia, the camp manager at andBeyond Ngala Safari Lodge, captured this heartwarming sighting. Petunia shared her footage and story with LatestSightings.com.

All media by Petunia

Bush babies are creatures that prefer the cover of darkness! These small, cute animals are nocturnal, which means they are most active during the night. You might not spot them during the day because they’re snoozing in cozy spots, like the thatch roof at Ngala Safari Lodge reception. So, to see one during the day is pretty rare, let alone a newborn baby that would normally be under the care and protection of its mother.

“I was on my late shift when suddenly a baby bush fell off our thatch roof. My first instinct was to see if the baby was okay. Falling from that height onto a concrete floor can definitely be life threating for such a fragile newborn.”

“As soon as I could see it was moving and did not look like it had any injuries, I immediately went for my camera, as I had never seen a bush baby this small! Knowing that we have about 8 or 9 different bush baby families living on our roof, I knew for sure that mommy was going to come to the rescue.”

Bushbaby babies are oh-so-adorable! When they’re born, they’re teeny-tiny, just like little fur balls. But don’t be fooled by their size; they’re full of energy! Their moms take super good care of them. They cuddle them close to their bodies, and because bush babies have hands similar to ours, they can hold onto mom very tightly.

So, despite their high energy levels, these babies are extremely vulnerable to any predator. Thus, their moms have their hands full in keeping them safe, so the moment this baby fell from the comfort of the warm roof, its mother was quick to come out and look for her baby.

She first assessed her options for getting to her baby safely. Looking at Petunia, she wanted to make sure that she was not a threat. As soon as she thought it was safe to get down, she quickly jumped from pillar to pillar and got to her baby. She picked up the little baby that had been lying on the floor for some time now and took it back to the safety of the thatch roof, which they call home.