Rare White Buffalo Calf Leaves Tourists Stunned

This baby buffalo stood out from the rest of the herd because of its unique appearance; its skin was not dark like the rest of its family, but rather pure white!

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Erin Simon, a nature enthusiast, was out on safari in Kruger with her experienced guide, from Viva Safaris. They spotted this rare buffalo and were blown away. Erin shared the unique footage and her story of the sighting with LatestSightings.com.

All content by Erin Simon

Whilst out on safari, the group was exploring the roads that surround Satara Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park. This area of the park is famous for its concentration of lions. But something even more special about this area is the rarity of one of the lions that call this area home, a white lion, one of only a handful in the park. However, on this day, Erin spotted something white, but it was no lion!

After deciding to drive along the H-7 tar road, which leads to Orpen Gate, the group found themselves caught in a roadblock as buffaloes were crossing over the road. Looking closely at the herd, Erin noticed something strange and out of place within the herd. Grabbing her binoculars, she looked closer, and to her amazement, it was a young buffalo calf that was fully white.

Buffaloes are usually known for their dark coats, but sometimes, due to a rare genetic leucistic condition, a buffalo can be fully white. Leucism involves a partial loss of pigmentation affecting the color of the skin and fur. Making them appear white or very pale.

Watching how the herd treated this buffalo no differently than any other was amazing. The contrast the little calf’s skin presented was incredible to see; among all the browns and greens, a white blob just stood out. It was an incredibly rare experience and sighting.

The question that all may ask is, will this buffalo make it to adulthood or will his unique color play against him in his life in the African bush? Camouflage is a vital trait and the key to survival for many when faced by the predators that call this wonderful place home.