Lion Cub Tries Pulling Siblings off Rock

These six lion cubs were feeling bored until they found a long grass root to play tug of war with. Then the cutest chaos began, and it was all fun and games.

Pieter Van Wyk, a guide at MalaMala, witnessed this adorable sighting and shared the video with

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It all started with the cubs and their mother relaxing after a long night out. Mom was tired, but her cubs were full of energy to burn. They were looking for something to keep them busy when one cub found the perfect toy—a long piece of root that had been plucked from the ground!

This made the perfect toy for tug of war! The teams were unevenly matched, with one brave cub at the bottom of the rock facing off against his four siblings at the top. You might think that one against four seems unfair, but this little cub had the heart of its father and wasn’t going to let numbers stop it from trying to win.

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And against all odds, the smallest cub of them all, the one that was alone at the bottom of the rock, was able to pull most of the “rope” from its siblings! Some of them didn’t like this feeling of defeat, so they decided to get down from the rock and steal the “rope” from it.

The little cub saw his siblings coming down, so it picked up the “rope” and tried to make a run for it, but tiny paws and short legs don’t work so well in the soft river sand. The cub stumbled and almost tripped. That’s when its siblings caught up. The battle was cute and friendly, with lots of tumbling, playful growls, and even a few cheeky attempts to outsmart each other.

The cub somehow managed to hold on to its toy for some time, biting down as hard as it could. But there were just too many of its siblings fighting to steal it. At this point the cub knew that it was all over; it was going to lose the toy and the game, so it made the smart decision to walk away.

Lion cubs often play with the natural elements in their environment, due to curiosity and also just their natural instinct to explore. It is an extremely important process for their development to one day become fierce hunters and apex predators like their parents.

Observing such playful interactions among lion cubs not only provides a delightful spectacle but also offers insights into their behavioral patterns and social dynamics. Through play, these young lions develop crucial skills necessary for survival in the wild, honing their coordination, strength, and strategic thinking.

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