Lion Cub Sneaks up on Sleeping Dad

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Ebenezer Rhode, a guide at the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, captured this adorable sighting on camera and shared the story with

All media by Ebenezer Rhode

Ebenezer set out with his guests in search of the resident lion pride. Unfortunately, with all the rain the bush is very dense and they were not able to see the entire pride. However, the dominant male of the pride was luckily sleeping right next to the road, so he was easily visible. The guests were super excited to see the male lion, but he was fast asleep. Not that exciting, but that’s lions for you.

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But wait, here’s where it gets super cute. One of the cubs, a little ball of fur with big, curious eyes, decided it was playtime. And who better to play with than dad, right? This tiny cub started a stalk and began to sneak up on dad!

The cub was like a little predator in hunt mode! It used the lush greenery and thick bushes as cover. Every step was careful, and every move was calculated. The cub was so focused and determined to reach its dad without making a single sound. And guess what? It worked!

The cub got super close, and dad didn’t even notice! He had no clue his own little one was just inches away. And then, surprise! The cub spooked dad, giving him a bit of a scare. Dad rolled over with sleepy eyes, and the little cub climbed all over him, finally finding a comfy spot to sit right on dad’s back.

Male lions definitely do not come to mind when the word cute and cuddly is said, but this big male surely had a soft spot for his little cub. All of his might, power, and fierce nature were nowhere to be seen. It was all cuddles and love—a loving father-son moment, undoubtedly.