Hyena Cub Gets Carried to the Naughty Corner

Mommy hyena is fed up with this cute cub’s antics and carries it away unceremoniously. Its sibling watches on with glee. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Mommy hyena is fed up with this cute cub’s antics and carries it away unceremoniously. Its sibling watches on with glee. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Ranger Jaco Joubert witnessed this adorable sighting of hyena cubs emerging from their den in MalaMala Game Reserve.
One cub, in particular, appeared much more adventurous and curious about its surroundings, especially the tourists sitting in their vehicle.
The other two cubs waited patiently and obediently for their mom, who soon emerged from the bushes to join her babies.
Upon her return, she notices one cub has ventured a bit too far for her liking. She promptly decides she needs to discipline her mischievous little one.
Noticing her pursuit, the cub promptly runs away, trying to evade its mother’s wrath. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Cowering in submission, the cub’s cuteness isn’t enough to fool its determined mother. Hyena cubs show submission by lowering their bodies to the ground, making themselves appear smaller and less threatening. They also tuck their tails between their legs and flatten their ears.
A hyena picks up her cubs using her powerful jaws, gently grasping them by the scruff of the neck. This method is effective and safe, as the loose skin in that area allows the mother to carry her cubs without causing them harm.
Generally, the cub instinctively goes limp to make the process easier… but not this feisty little one. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The mother hyena carries her cub away from the den and deeper into the bush. While the exact reason for this move is unclear, it’s safe to say it’s nature’s version of a trip to the naughty corner.
One of the more docile cubs watches from the safety of the den entrance as its naughty sibling is taken away from home.
Breaking free from its mother’s jaws, the cub dashes past its siblings, clearly having a fabulously fun time while its mom grows increasingly exasperated. The other cubs simply sit and watch, as if they need some popcorn to fully enjoy the unfolding drama.
Once again returning to retrieve her patience-testing child, the cub attempts to apologize by nuzzling her, demonstrating just how sweet it can be.
As an experienced mother, she doesn’t fall for these familiar tricks and is far too fed up. Realizing this, the cub starts backtracking before its mom can get a hold of it again.
Chasing her retreating child once more, she stays hot on its heels, showing no signs of relenting. Hyenas are generally considered excellent mothers, teaching their cubs vital survival skills and social behaviors. It’s clear she believes her mischievous cub needs to learn a lesson or two.
Fighting with all its might, the cub wriggles around as its mother tries to get a firm grip on its scruff.
In a brief moment of distraction, the mother looks into the distance, and the scheming cub seizes the opportunity to make a dash for freedom.
The adorable cub, too fascinated by the tourists, forgets to run away in this playful game of tag with its mom. Not taking the discipline seriously and clearly having too much fun, the cub’s behavior makes for a very entertaining moment.
The cub dashes to the safety of the den, hoping its mother will tire and abandon the chase. However, its hopes are too optimistic as she quickly grabs and pulls it out of the den.
There are several reasons why hyena mothers carry their cubs away from the den: protection from predators, relocation, and encouraging exploration and learning. However, in this case, it’s for stern disciplinary action. She needs to teach her cub the boundaries and appropriate behavior it hasn’t yet grasped.
Finally realizing the game is over and mom means business, the cub is carried off into the distance. Hopefully, this little rebel stayed in the naughty corner until its mom deemed it appropriate to return!