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Flying Leopards Bring in End-of-Year Bonus

A female leopard was marking her territory when she suddenly came across her daughter who was intruding on her territory. They both instantly had a crazy mother-daughter fight that sent them both flying through the air.

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A female leopard was marking her territory when she suddenly came across her daughter who was intruding on her territory. They both instantly had a crazy mother-daughter fight that sent them both flying through the air. Submitting this footage to Latest Sightings’ Film and Earn program allowed the film-maker to earn big!!


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Lisl Moolman captured the footage of a female leopard marking her territory. The leopard’s message seemed clear: she’s the boss around here. As the leopardess approached a tree, something caught her eye. Another female leopard was resting up in the branches. You can feel the tension in the air as the first leopard stops and stares upwards. Her body is like a coiled spring, ready to leap.

Without warning, the leopard at the bottom of the tree exploded into action, jumping high into the tree top to confront the intruder. The two leopards fought; their growls echoed through the grassland. Then, in a dramatic tumble, they crashed to the ground, all while still intertwined in a fight. Moments after they landed, in perfect sync, the 2 leopards stopped their fight. The daughter showed signs of giving up, almost as if she was saying, ‘you win.’

Sharing footage like this is what LatestSightings.com is all about.
We wanted to share the backstory about Lisl’s experience with LatestSightings.com’s Film and Earn program, a platform where wildlife enthusiasts can share their incredible and unique wildlife sightings and get paid to do so!

Rewind to 2020, a year many of us remember for its global turbulence. Amidst this chaos, Lisl, a nature lover and amateur videographer, witnessed this extraordinary sighting. After filming this rare moment, Lisl submitted her footage to LatestSightings.com, both to share it with the world of wildlife lovers and to, hopefully, generate some revenue.

Now, making sure videos do well in our Film & Earn program is not a game of luck. The team looks at every factor that could affect a video’s performance. Some factors include how exciting the video is, the time of year to post, which animals are in the video, and even, how long the final edited version of the sighting will be.

When we first reviewed this video, back in 2020, we couldn’t find the optimal way to publish the video for it to go viral, especially because it was too short, so, we decided to hold off and kept this footage in the back of our minds.

We try our best to make sure that every single one of our contributors can earn the most they can, and so, 3 years later, we finally spotted an opportunity to share Lisl’s video. The true charm of our Film and Earn program is our ability to unearth hidden gems. As the algorithm evolved over the last few months to give shorter videos a slight edge, Tobias Weber, our sharp-eyed video editor, rediscovered Lisl’s stored submission.

The 30-second sighting of the 2 leopards fighting was the perfect clip to post.

It was time to post!

The result?

A viral sensation!
The footage of the leopard tussle went viral with 58 million views worldwide, capturing audiences with its raw intensity and the unscripted drama of the wild. This video was not just a captivating scene for wildlife enthusiasts but also a win for Lisl.

Here’s what Lisl had to say:
“When I was approached by Latest Sightings after so many years, I was quite surprised. Seeing the video do so well was beyond any expectation, and when I received the payout, it felt surreal.

Living in a small town with numerous power problems over and above load-shedding, I immediately ordered an inverter (power back-up) system with the earnings.

It could not have happened at a better time, and I wish to thank the Latest Sightings team, for enabling us with such a platform to display special moments and earn money at the same time.”

Her patience and passion for nature paid off handsomely, earning her an amount that enabled her to invest in a backup power supply (with all the power cuts South Africa is currently experiencing) and new spectacles, bringing much-needed light to her life.

Lisl’s story is just one of many examples of the essence of the Film and Earn program. It’s not just about capturing a moment in time; it’s about holding onto these sightings, nurturing them, and finding the perfect moment to share them with the world.

As we celebrate Lisl’s success, we invite you to share your incredible wildlife experiences with the world too! Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who just loves to watch the world through a lens, your contributions can become a viral sensation. Who knows, your footage might just be the next hidden gem, waiting for its moment to shine.

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Happy filming and happy new year! May your adventures and sightings be as rewarding as Lisl’s!

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