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20 Lions Surprise a Drinking Giraffe

A pride of lions on a leisurely stroll spots a giraffe having a drink. They instantly turn on hunt mode and try catch the giraffe off-guard!

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A pride of lions on a leisurely stroll spots a giraffe having a drink. They instantly turn on hunt mode and try catch the giraffe off-guard!


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28-year-old self-employed entrepreneurDavid Sherrecorded the heart-pumping scene whilst camping in Xai Xai, Botswana he shared his footage and story with LatestSightings.com.

Xai Xai campsite is situated close to the Chobe River in Botswana. Tall trees, sandy riverbeds, and open plains surround the camp. You can hear birds singing and see the water moving slowly by. Sometimes, animals like elephants come close to the water where you can watch them quietly.

“During our drive to the Xai Xai Campsite, where we were set to spend the night, we found ourselves driving along a sandy road by the river. We didn’t have much hope at the time of spotting anything, but that’s when we stumbled upon a pride of lions—a pleasant surprise!”

“It was a very serene few hours spent observing their routine, from waking to quenching their thirst and leisurely strolling. But the calmness was soon disrupted as they spotted the giraffe. The change in their pace was instant. They went from lazily walking to laser-focused stalking, slipping into hunting mode!”

The lions crept up very quietly, getting closer and closer to the big giraffe. They spread out, each lion going to a good spot where they could jump out. The giraffe didn’t see them at first because it had to bend its long neck down to drink. But then, all of a sudden, the giraffe saw the lions all around it. That’s when the lions ran after the giraffe, and it took off running down the road with the lions right behind it. It was amazing to see how it all happened right there!

Lions Surprise a Drinking Giraffe!

Lions hunting giraffes is really interesting to watch. When lions hunt giraffes, they have to work as a team because giraffes are not only big; they’re also strong and can kick hard. They have to be smart and quiet as they sneak up on the giraffe. Then they rush out all at once to try to surprise it. Giraffes can defend themselves by kicking really hard, so the lions have to be careful.

“It was just beautiful to witness the sheer will to live from the giraffe and the lions’ natural instincts in play—even if they didn’t result in a kill.”

After the chase, the tired lions went to lie down in the river bed. They looked like they were comforting each other because they missed catching the giraffe. David watched them quietly and took pictures as the sun was setting. The light was golden and beautiful. It was a perfect moment for photos. This is how lions learn: by trying and sometimes missing, just like we do when we are learning something new. 

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